Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heat is Taking It's Toll

Just talked to my bro' - he said this plant is now a crumpled heap - it's well watered but can't take the heat - 99 in Vancouver.


A said...

Well, I'm happy to say that Calla Lily is perking up today, with a little tlc, and a break from that searing heat of the past few days. Vancouver locals are sure not used to heat like that... including the local flora apparently! According to the weather 'experts' there was also an 'inversion' (of some sort), sending a brisk, dry, and very hot wind from the Interior our way too. That helped crank it up even a few more degrees! Quite a change from the moderate, cooling, Pacific breezes we are usually lucky enough to enjoy. Getting back to normal I'm relieved to say.
Have a good day wherever you are.

Jean said...

Oh, I'm so glad - just sick to hear you "lost" that plant.

Kim said...

Totally in agreement with you on the Heat is taking It's toll- well not exactly the heat- more like the humidity. I hope you get some rest- take care.