Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Work Project - - -

My Hon has an extensive book collection - which grows by the week, I might add.

Anyway, he has a nice little office/den downstairs where he built lovely bookshelves. They were filled to over flowing.

Beside his bed, nice big bookcase - filled to overflowing. About a year ago, we moved his favorites upstairs to the "beside the bed bookcase". Filled to the hilt.

I thought the solution was wonderful - but some days he remembers his bookshelves in the den. He will go down and bring up several books several times a day --- as there is no room left in his bookcase, our headboard and chiffonier and dresser get stacks of books on them.

So, I have my personal "make work project" courtesy of my Hon. He hauls them up and I take them down. A never ending process.

Why am I not skinny as a twig:)


Kim said...

Isn't that what family is for? to keep us on our toes. I'm with you on the skinny thing (lol.Happy reading!! on someone's behalf.

Jean said...

Has anyone told you recently what a great person you are?? Thanks for all your sweet comments and loving attitude.

Petra said...

treasure those books....they will
occupy many hours in the future.
You are doing a very loving thing,
by "working" with hubby.

Jean said...