Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Remembering "Ding Dong" Grandma

I was mortified when Spark referred to her as "DingDong" Grandma - mercy!

He very casually explained something to me and called my mom Grandma and her Mom, DingDong Grandma.

Mom and Dad lived in DingDong's suite so he had to find a way to differentiate between the 2 grandmas, I guess. Life's confusing enough for a child. It was, of course, her mantle's chiming clock he used as reference. Brilliant.

Not sure if DingDong Grandma ever heard herself referred to as such. Kind of doubt it. Maybe once - - -

Anyway, she would have been celebrating her birthday today.

Uh, Happy Birthday, Ding Dong Grandma!


Kim said...

Very creative!! yet cute and funny.
It was a great little post, thanks for sharing and the laugh.

Jean said...

You're welcome.True story.He was about 3 years old.

Mary said...

Very cute story. Ding Dong Grandma would appreciate this sweet tribute!