Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wishy Washy Ol' Me

Getting a late start to the day but good morning! This red hot poker plant kind of describes our weather! (As usual, photo credit to bro)

Spent a little time getting caught up on the news with Auntie Maime. It's very hot again and the pool lawn has to be mowed today -

Which brings me to the boring subject of move: don't move!! Good grief I think I'll write a list of the pros and cons and try to make sense of it.

Our neighbors are having a BBQ party Saturday night. They need to borrow lawn chairs so that will get my fanny going. I have to wipe them down(the chairs!) and get the cushions from the storage room. Got the lawns cut yesterday except the pool one so the yard is "presentable".

Have a nice, sunny day where ever you are - opened email to find ones from Mark, MiHwa and Trish. They are all early birds - well, I think I'm just a late old bird!

Cheers to all my friends.

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Kim said...

cheers to you too!!