Friday, August 10, 2007

Bleach boo boo

Don't you just hate it! I have 4 lovely bleach marks on my navy T-shirt. As of today, I resolve to only use wipes on the counters. Uh, no, it's not the first time:)

The wipes are more effective anyway. When we go on holidays, take a canister of Lysol wipes to "do our room" - I know, I'm a bit freaky about things like that. In washrooms, I use the towel to turn the taps on and off and open the door. I could go on and on - as people who know me would attest to, ha, ha.

Anyway, after heat, heat, heat it's freezing here - well, it's 15 in the morn (60-ish). Is she ever happy?

I'm off to search for my long johns - have a good Friday, Everyone!


Kim said...

Your not alone!! I have bleach spots in lots of my clothes. I try to remember to wear my white ones when I'm doing lots of bleach.

Jean said...

Now you are smart to do that!
BTW, thanks for the BD and Anniversary wishes. I read them to W!