Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hay, there!

So it doesn't take much to make my heart sing - we're cruising along our country road and I spy a hay bale in the ditch! A gift from above. Forget diamonds, ladies. If you're a gardener, this is diamonds.

I didn't realize they are heavy til I tried to pull it out of the trunk! So I'm forever indebted to you, Hon.

I promise that next time, we'll have the truck to toss any stray bales into, hee, hee. The tarp, compost fork and a shovel are all neatly (hidden) wrapped behind the seat. Remember that free hay they were giving away, then the free manure! No, don't worry - it's all been taken by some other lucky gardener but our day will come. I promise and you hope not.

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s&r said...

"Happy Bithday" Sis,

Thinking what a wonderful sister you are and wishing you these things on your birthbay.
The love of your family and friends,
a chance to relax and laugh, and
all the little pleasures you most
enjoy and truly deserve on such a special day.

Hope you have a great time this evening.

love from both of us,