Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Smile Would Be Nice - - -

So we are having "issues" with our house insurance company. We have a certified wood burning stove downstairs which we both love. Several years ago this self same insurance company was unhappy with our current stove so we bought a top of the line stove. "Oh, holy Insurance Manager, are you happy now?" "What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She is not happy. So we take all the info in to her, email pics of it and await with trembling knees for her verdict.

This lady never smiles, she has what I guess you would call a "sour" face. She told me on the phone my premiums would be so much less if we tossed the NEW stove. Again - What?????? So we go humbly to her sanctum and I asked what our premiums would be if we toss it - she mulled around and shuffled papers and said there'd be NO difference! Sorry, this company doesn't charge for a wood stove.

In April 08 I will have a new insurer. There was more but you're probably bored to sleep already:)


Petra said...

Jean, if your woodburning stove sits atop a special fire mat or
better still firemat and tile, and
your chimney is cleaned on a regular basis there should not be
any different policy...same as a
built in fireplace.

So sorry you are havingproblems
with the insurance company.

Jean said...

Thanks, Petra. I think she is just being contrary. Our stove is top of line and air tight, etc. I sent her 12 pics of the brick surround etc. and she said she didn't get them as her computer has excessive filters for spam - uh? Anyway, going elsewhere next yr:)

Trish said...

Maybe you can talk to someone above her. She is just giving you a hard time. Want me to come up there and beat her up? :-)