Monday, August 6, 2007

There's a Feeling in the Air - - -

I know it's only the first week of August but there's a"feeling" in the air - a feeling of Fall. So, in a panic I ran to the garden and yard taking pics as if to stop it. (Plus, we leave our little truck outside and it's covered in dew in the morn - not something I like to see:)

The tomatoes are blushing now and soon I'll be making Chow and chutney's, yum!

Hummers are still darting around - once they go, I grab my gloves and scarf. Well, they know when to pack up and fly South. Sadly, one year we had a hummer around in November. There was a dusting of snow so I hope he made it out safely. After that incident, I strip my annuals out of the pots and beds. He found a lonely snapdragon which had survived the frost and was hoping to feed there.

Last year I made "Pear Mincemeat" - the most delicious thing I ever tasted! So mellow. Also, make my long standing recipe but the pear mincemeat is a delicate treat. I will post both recipes. We do not put suet (yuck) in ours and it's wonderful.

Anyway, gabby person that I am, forgot to say, this pic of the pink poppy is why I posted. Thanks to the wind or a bird, we enjoyed these beauties all summer. The lilies are really making a show now, also.

Just looked out and a neighbor's mountain ash is full of berries - where are my gloves and scarf!?


Kim said...

Out of curosity what is Chow and Chutneys? sounds interesting.
I again like the pic of the flower. I want cooler air to come but not gloves and scarfs anytime soon. Have a good day!!

Jean said...

Chow is made from green tomatoes and onions - it's a pickled relish to serve on roast beef sandwiches, etc.
Chutney are cut up fruits and /or veg - usually a bit spicy served with ham, etc.I'll post the recipes probably tomorrow. the pear mincemeat is divine!!