Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tow Truck Image - - -

So much to the chagrin of guests, I forget myself and rock Buddy. (No, he's not our Baby, he's our cat!)

Anyway, this morn I swooped him up and sat in the kitchen rocker, mind soaring off to long ago times. Set Buddy down and he took a peculiar stance and turned around and looked at me - with a look. You strange cat - actually, I thought he was luring me to his food dish - I kind of pushed him away and he was "stuck". Then I realized I was sitting on his tail.

It was so funny as he resembled a car lifted off it's wheels, uh, paws, by a tow truck. Well, I thought it was funny, Buddy. Why, yes, I do have a good imagination.


Trish said...

How funny!

Kim said...

I'm with Trish, this is very funny!!