Saturday, September 1, 2007

Beautiful Fall - - -

Is anyone else as surprised as I that Sept. 1st crept up on us? Actually, I am happy. This morn I pulled weeds in our side driveway lawn. Perfectly mellow temp of about 20 degrees.

The trees are changing quite quickly now as the days shorten bringing on a new beauty. I have to keep my camera in the car - seems like yesterday I was taking pics of the spring blossoms.

This is a holiday weekend in Canada but I guess they are not such "looked for weekends" as when we worked. I'd like to get the garden pulled- it was a disappointment this year - many people said that.

Celebrate your extended weekend and have a safe and relaxing few days off.

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Trish said...

Like you, I am so happy that Fall is here! It is my favorite time of year!