Thursday, September 13, 2007

Busy Bee

So today I hauled grass and cedar clippings from our "hot little Chevy 1/4 ton truck" to the garden. Robin supplied the goodies for me. It's fill for one of the garden beds. I'm hoping it will compost down over the next few months and I won't have to buy soil. Go to work, worms!

Cleaned up some garden beds, weeded the pool bed and trimmed a few wild shrubs.

MiHwa called tonight - so sweet to talk to her. We have only one daughter-in-law (so far!) and love her much. All the family does.

Boring post folks but not too much happening here - lots of work on the agenda for tomorrow. Have to clean the windows I can reach, ha,ha. My list is slowly getting things scratched off.

Hope everyone has a great Friday - esp. if you're still working - so exciting when the weekend comes.


Beverly said...

I wondered where you live, and then I looked at your profile and saw that you are in Canada. With your mention of fall in the air, I figured you must be some place up north.

I see you're relearning French. I studied French long ago, and I still like to read some when I get a chance. Living in Haiti, French was the official language, but everyone spoke Creole.

Your posts remind me a bit of Simply Coll who is in my sidebar. She is an ICU nurse, who lives in Canada and she has been writing about her garden.

LauraHinNJ said...

Wanted to say hello as I haven't been by in a while.

Hope you had fun washing windows today.


Jean said...

Hi Laura, I know you've been busy with Luka. What a sweet little pup. Hope he is settling in. Thanks for dropping by. Life goes on here - nothing too wild and crazy.Just (unpaid:) work.Take care.