Monday, September 3, 2007

Grasshopper Pie, Anyone?

So I'm sitting here working on my Christmas meals and decor plans - all is peaceful just the cat and my Hon and I. All of a sudden the cat charges across the floor toward me - someone give you catnip, Buddy? "No, I see a grasshopper on the edge of the table lamp shade, Mom."
I freaked, the cat freaked and Hon calmly asks us both what all the commotion is about.

When I got up, it startled the poor grasshopper so now it's somewhere. Some where in my house!
I was running for Kleenex when he made his escape. I closed the bedroom doors vowing to never open them again til said grasshopper is gone.

He's back, back on the lampshade! So I'm dancing a jig and ran away, spinning out on the floor.
Cat's all excited spinning out on the floor, too, he wants it for a snack.

To the rescue, Superhopper, my Man. He grabbed it in the wad of Kleenex I had tossed to him moments earlier. Flush!

Hopefully no more excitement tonight.

Buddy got a nice snack for alerting me to the yucky thing.


Kim said...

Watch cat? good job Buddy and fast action by your hubby- I hope you have a great evening and leave the excitement to a later time. And when do you celebrate Christmas?since all this talk of planning meals and decorations. I'm just wondering.

Kim said...

I'm fine I'm planning to post here real soon about the happenings around here. Thank you for asking.

Jean said...

Ha,ha,ha.As anyone who is around me knows, I make lists and plan ahead! Far ahead. being I have to do all the shopping, etc. I make thing in end Oct & freeze.We may have a housefull for Christmas so I have to be prepared:)Take care.

Trish said...

Thats a funny story -- I can just picture the whole adventure! We have crickets chirping away in our house -- sometimes I swear its a bird and not a cricket -- but now my cats are even bored with them -- you've seen one cricket, you've seen them all, ho-hum, haven't you got anything else around here for excitement? Maybe I can send a box of these boring crickets to Buddy -- I'll bet he would appreciate them!

Beverly said...

I love that story. Every now and then a little lizard will get in my house. I just smile and hope they find their way out. If not, I'll find their little dried up body somewhere.

In the earlier days my cat would have had a heyday. As she got older, she would just sit there and watch them run by.

Once, out by the swimming pool, she was chasing a lizard; she caught him, and the lizard promptly latched onto her paw. We laughed as she sat there shaking her paw, trying to rid herself of the lizard.

Jean said...

What else is in our houses?! Eeek!