Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beware - This Post is a Rant!

So we initially subscribed in January 1974. Last week I canceled my subscription. My gripe is that I asked the paper be put in the pail on our step. No mail box but a 5 gallon pail I take in come morning and put out at bedtime! (Another annoyance but it's ugly) So, every 2000th paper, the carrier deems important enough to toss in the magic pail, the rest are "where ever". I'm sick of it and canceled.

When I inquired, they said we are rural so carriers don't deliver to the step. Well, for Heaven sake, my driveway in town plus our front sidewalk was 3' shorter than here. And your point is?

I didn't get into all that - the aggravation isn't worth it. Plus, I've read the news on the internet 2 days before our paper prints it. Gotta say that I do miss the comics and "the routine" but since W is never up to share coffee and the paper anymore it doesn't mean much to me.

Told her I will resubscribe if they get a carrier willing to walk the extra 3 feet:)

End of rant.


Beverly said...

That is so true about reading the news on the internet two days before it appears in the paper. My parents were such creatures of habit and read the paper morning and afternoon (when we had an afternoon paper.)

I still like to see it in my hands, and I agree about the comics. I do have three comics pop up on my yahoo account.

Kim said...

The good ole days of paper carriers are so long gone~ that was my first job ever and I did take the time to put them in the correct spots.

nothing wrong w/ a rant every now and then.

Is there any other way to get comics in a form on the internet?

Trish said...

Completely understandable and justifiable rant! :-)