Friday, October 12, 2007

Flu Shots

Femail doc was discussing 'flu shots today. Brought back a great memory of Dad. When his home care RN came to visit one nice fall day, she suggested a 'flu shot. He was wary (afraid of needles!) and said to bring it next time. She countered that she had it in the car so would just do it now.

When I went to visit him later, he said he had to do it cause what if he caught he 'flu. They'd give him - - -.

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Kim said...

Always a smart move! after yrs of having blood test after blood test-the needles don't bother me so much. I hear where your father was coming from- my father and maternal grandparents alike were stubborn as everything and didn't even go too the docs if they weren't pushed. So good for u! you did the right thing.