Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lucky Beyond Lucky

Yesterday was very busy starting at 8am and finally ending at 6:30pm.

So my story begins putting the garbage out while waiting for an important call. Set the cell and land phone on the trunk of the car. My neighbor chatted for a moment and then I drove down to buy extra garbage tags at our little city hall.

Came home to thank her for the reminder and it nearly fainted - the phones! Ran to the garage and the cell was still clinging to the hinge area on the trunk. Can you believe that?

Jumped in the car and drove my route and found the land phone in pieces (whole) in a ditch.

So, never, never, never set anything on your car - you're sure to forget it. I was just incredibly lucky!


Kim said...

I'm glad you still got your phones!! I on the other hand, always forget my keys hanging in the trunk lock- good thing for me Its seems to be the honest people who get my attention.

charlestonyaya said...

ahhhh - this just means that your mind is in overload - too much going on - time to slow down just a little. Those things seem to happen here all of the time!!

Trish said...

Blame it on your bloggy friends -- I suspect that most of us have done things like that, and continue to do them on a regular basis!