Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rocky Mountain High - - -

Ouch, no Rocky Mountain High in Denver last night - for a bit I thought they would teach Boston a lesson.

Those announcer have stats that blow my mind - no team has ever won if the manager sneezed twice before the 4th inning - Ok, maybe I exaggerate a bit.

We sat propped up on the bed, eating supper and enjoying the game.

Wise old one that I am, when the pitcher for Boston came up, I announced pitchers aren't good batters so - bam!!!!!!!!!Before I could spew forth my wisdom, he was on base.

After that I just watched the game in silence:)

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Kim said...

I'm not much of a sports watcher~ but isn't it rather hard to do in silence? From the family I have that would be a rarity.(lol)and if I do catch a glimsp I say something at a distance.