Monday, October 8, 2007

We lived in a French Canadian community when the boys were small. Definitely the minority, it was interesting. My best friend spoke English but her 6 children did not.

Occasionally she babysat for me. Was interesting for the 8 children to play with the language differences. No barrier. Our sons picked up French and got very confused. When they spoke English at home, sometimes used French grammar. We had some really humorous sentences happening in those early days.

BTW, bless your heart, Germaine! Love you. A friend after all these years.


Kim said...

Interesting times I'd say!! Do your children remember mixing the different languages? That had to be lots of fun.

Jean said...

Hi Kim - they just remember the friends but our one son is able to handle the French language if he is around it for a few days. He worked in Montreal on a quick job and said it all came back after a bit.