Monday, November 19, 2007

Buddy's Vet Visit

So Buddy, the cat, is a macho sort of character - imagine his humiliation when the vet applied "Soft Paws" to his nails! The caps are clear and softly rounded on the ends. It's that or declawing, Buddy.
Check out SoftPaws.

He doesn't scratch furniture but will sit by his scratch pole, look at me and proceed to scratch the carpet. The vet said it's for attention - yes, well, he gets attention all right. She frowned at that comment.

Anyway, Buddy's vet is the sweetest little tiny Scottish gal - she looks about 15 years old. After he was weighed (13.5lbs.) she pronounced he had a surplus of fat on his tummy. No kidding. Anyway, life changes tomorrow - only a "slight teaspoon" of Fancy Feast in the morn and the rest will be his "teeth cleaning marbles" dry food Rx by the vet a year ago.

I have never had a manicure in my life so quit complaining, Buddy!


Trish said...

Poor Buddy...Banished to eat in the laundry room AND short nails...Tell him to look on the bright side -- all the stress will probably make him drop a few for me! Hugs to you!

Jean said...

Oh, sure, trust Trish to side with the cat!