Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oranges and Afgans

Did you know that Christmas ornaments explode when dropped on laminate flooring?! Every Christmas, the odd ornament falls onto our tree skirt. This year I "puddled" afgans around the tree before setting the skirt in place. I like the look rather than so flat on the floor.

Also, big scoop. As you peel the Christmas oranges, lay the peels around the skirt. Buddy, the cat, will not use the skirt as his favorite bed. I read cats dislike citrus scent. It works. Yes, I'll pick them all up before company arrives.


shirl said...

I have an silk plant and it has dried moss around the bottom, never thinking Sheba would bother it, well
you should have seen here greeting us
with a mustache on each side of her mouth.It really looked funny,but i really wasn't amused. So i tried your suggestion and it really does work.
Please remind me to take it out before Christmas. deepfreeze is full of orange peelings if you run out.

JeanMac said...

I think you should buy her a live one for Christmas.

Trish said...

Thanks for the great idea about the orange peels! I put some around our tree and my old gray cat walked over there and gave me a look that said "What the heck is THAT???" Then she went to sleep on the couch instead.

JeanMac said...

Can't win for losing, eh, Trish?

annie said...

I think I'm going to get a blanket to put under our skirt. I have to remove some presents first, but I like the plush idea. But you are right--Closet Kitty would want to hang out there and bat a few ornaments. Orange peels, hmmm, and the scent is probably great too. Maybe you could poke some whole cloves through them and say they are part of the festivities! Great idea.