Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Be Very Careful - - -

Be very careful dealing with Cost*o - until today, I have not had trouble doing a return or exchange or warranty situation.

After today, I will never buy anything such as an appliance, etc. with "parts' so to speak.

My laptop was sick from day one but I didn't realize what was happening b/c I had never had one before. Trouble getting a connection but if I restated I "usually" could get on with perseverance and prayer!

Finally, the wireless card went "spoof" - I still called a tech in as thought it was my brick fireplace and other things interfering. He did, too, the first visit.

To make a long story short, my 6month was over by the time I finally had it totally useless. To say no Cost*o ever again is an understatement.

Realize now I should have taken it but it teased me and "worked" when it felt like it til it totally died. Under those circumstances, I expected better from them. Yes, I know, should have gone in but I really did not know there was a mechanical problem - because it kept getting a connection eventually!

Bad Cost*o.


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I'm w/ you.! There are way to many people w/ customer service jobs that don't give a darn about the product it sells and gives the run around when a situation occurs.

I hope you get in all straighten out in a timely manner.