Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas is Still Here and There

Finally all the trees are down but the poinsettias and a few glass balls still have to be packed away. Today, Shirl and I were in the dining room and she noticed a fibre optic poinsettia peaking out from the kitchen.

Usually I find a few things well into January. This is the first year I have been able to get the trees back in their boxes - I tied each branch section and voila!

Told her the guest bedroom was completed and ready for company, we walked in and there were Christmas cushions, extra bedding and tree skirts on the bed! Tomorrow.

Who still has work to do getting decorations put away?


charlestonyaya said...

After all of the traveling and company - we are just packing away this week!! I decided to go through every single one of the
35+ tubs of Christmas, and get rid of some of the old, old things that just get packed, unpacked and repacked each year. Time to begin the simplifying and thats a good place to start!!

JeanMac said...

Hi there - both my sister and I said the same thing this year - go thru them and try to keep less!