Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Main Floor is Done!

After several months having workers here off and on, the main floor is done. Tomorrow a painter will touch up some trim and paint the new doors - that's about it. I postponed doing tile in the baths for now - want to talk to some people and research flooring a bit.

I sorted the master bedroom closets and have stuff to give away. The hand bags alone would sink a ship - silly, silly. It's so nice to see open space in the walk-in. The shelves are nearly bare - I really want to get rid of most items.

Due to old age (!), I work a half hour then rest and start all over. I hate not being able to go like crazy for hours. Where did my youth go and when?!

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smilnsigh said...

"It's so nice to see open space in the walk-in."

I-AM-SO-JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't even walk into, our walk in closet, off our bedroom. -shakes head- Just terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible! Embarrassing! :-((((