Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Eyes

I always laughed when my friend used to say she had to "grab her eyes."

Today's eye exam proved I needed new lenses - so shy of $519. later (no new frames!), I will have vision soon. I have "floaters" in my left eye and was amazed how many! They show up as white spots on the "eye picture" - none in my right eye.

Today was gorgeous and sunny but only 4 degrees at our house. Water was running all over down town.

Full moon tonight so I'm going on the deck to howl later - wanted him to pose for a pic but he declined - maybe he didn't want to be out with a howler! Maybe when it's warmer he'll pose.


smilnsigh said...

-grin- I never heard that saying before... "grab her eyes."

But my husband needs a contact in one eye, part of the time. And I say to him; "Did you put your eye piece in?" So I guess that's just as silly. ,-)

$519 and no new frames either. Ouch!

Don't we all have 'floaters,' by now? >,-)


smilnsigh said...

What's going on in your blog???

This "new eyes" is the last entry which shows up, and which I can access.

Google Reader shows you have 2 more entries, after this one. But I can not get to them.