Saturday, February 16, 2008


So my sis treated me to an afternoon out and lunch on Wednesday.

As we were ready to leave the restaurant, a fellow about 45 flew out the door, young server close on his heels. "Open your knapsack!"


"You stole a bottle of wine, open your sack!"

He hopped on a bike and was gone with the wind.

All this transpired in about 15 seconds. All I could think of is "Get a description." They were calling 911 as he rode away.

Guess what I noticed most? He had rolled work grey socks down over his boots!

Poor cops!


smilnsigh said...

But! Put what you noticed... together with what others noticed... and they just may have a pretty good description.

What I'd like to know is, from where did he steal a bottle of wine, in a restaurant? Isn't that stuff kept behind the bar? Or at least, not out where the patrons walk by the wine supply...?

And as to pics of my painted bathroom... I think you asked for them... But maybe not. ,-0 Yeah, what a memory I have! ,-0.

Anyway, I tried and I can't get a true pic of the pretty color. Couldn't get one of the awful bright first choice either. Guess it's too tiny a powder room. {It IS tiny!} And ... well... the photos don't show it well. Front Room photos are a lot closer to the real thing.

So, I give up on powder room pics. :-(


JeanMac said...

Thanks for trying to get the pic! He walked to the mens' washroom and as he came out, passed the bar area - I guess he was able to reach a bottle as he flew by.It was a White Sp*t restaurant.

Kim said...

Getting together w/ a sibling is always nice~ glad you enjoyed her company. Sounds like it was an ENTERESTING day! glad your okay.

Trish said...

Oh my!!!! What an adventure!