Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring and Surprises

The snow is gone enough I could wander around our yard yesterday. Upon opening the garden shed, I was shocked to see it housed a very lucky squirrel all winter. Nuts, pine cones, remnants of my hammock and foam thingy to kneel on - all in shreds for his bed.

Grabbed the leaf rake but most of the lawn was too wet - I did a bit up by the pool - maybe an hours worth. This morn both my sides were so sore and stiff. Time to get working out.

Anyway, bought an exercise ball - purple, purple. Being we do not have carpet on the main, I guess have to take it to our guest room downstairs - expecting it will toss me off a time or two til I get used to it.

Has anyone any hints on using a ball - my sister sent me ideas from a web site.


Kim said...

How fun!! My sister has one of those exercising balls and loves it. My preferred method is walking.
and in deed what a lucky squirrel or twirrel as my son prefers to call it. I don't have a sqirrel to chew everything up but I don have the dog who is just as bad. Have a great spring and have fun.

Trish said...

Oh...the images in my mind...I tried one of those exercise balls once -- and only once -- I kept falling off the stupid thing and landing on the floor. Thank God no one was must have looked hilarious. Let me know how it goes when you figure it all out -- and of course, we want pics...