Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There are nasty people out there, I'm finding, so am considering word verification. Any thoughts?

On another note, March is def. here. It's dark sky, winds, rain threatens - they have been trying to spray our fruit trees for 2 days.

The only good thing is that our snow is nearly gone - just huge piles from tossing it off the roof - and they are melting, too.

For the first time, ever, forgot to put the garbage out. Talking to my sister and hear the garbage truck's brakes screeching. Nice.

Have been considering buying a treadmill and or an elliptical. Does anyone have any advice about either?

My parting words/advice: change all your clocks! I didn't set one ahead and if not for Sis, would have missed a favorite TV show!!! Thank you - call me tomorrow to remind me again, OK?


smilnsigh said...

Yes, put word verification on.

I hate it. I removed it. I got some scum-bag trying to spread SPAM in comments, as a *reward.*

I reinstalled it.

I still hate it.

I still hate to have to do it, in other people's blogs.

I will still do it, in other people's blogs and they will have to do it, in mine.


JeanMac said...

That's one reason I hesitate! Thanks, Mari-Nanci.

charlestonyaya said...

Thank you so much for your heartfelt comments on my blog!! They are much appreciated. I think of you daily, wondering how things are going. I took your journey with my mother-in-law for 6
years. I am beginning the journey again with a close friend. You are in my prayers. love, Kathy