Friday, March 7, 2008

When the snow melts, we have a six foot strip of tiny gravel on our lawn from road sanding. Being it is impossible to rake, I use a wide shop broom.

Hee, haw, the comments I got from 2 men as they walked by - "Uh, little lady, aren't you using the wrong thing to rake gravel?" (Smirk, smirk)

"No, this is the only thing which will take care of it as the gravel is so tiny." (Smirk, smirk)


Kim said...

Whatever it takes to get the job done or a thing to make it simplier. Learned all this from my daddy~ I questioned his ways sometimes but whatever it was worked. Keep up the good work~ spring will be here hopefully before we know it.

JeanMac said...

Hi Kim!

smilnsigh said...

And now, they know. ,-)