Saturday, April 26, 2008

Remembering - - -

What a beautiful sunny day we have to remember your birthday!

Every year you'd say, "No cards, no gifts."

Every year we'd arrive at your home, BBQ steak on your deck and enjoy the decorations Shirl had put up - you'd open your gifts enjoying your day.

Family was important to you and we knew, rain or shine, (even snow) we'd be BBQing - the neighbors would see "your family came".
Missing you - - - on what would have been your 87th.


Kim said...

very touching!! I like when families can get together and celebrate a special day no matter the weather.

Bev Brandon said...

Why did I think you didn't have a blog??? I am totally confused! Is this you!???! How did you lose me? Am I scattered over here? How precious to remember your dear one on his day! And where am I??

JeanMac said...

Bev, you asked me to email you updates from CNN about Cyd - there were no more stories - was she found/released? Please let me know.

Bev Brandon said...

Jean, The posted one month ago that they had reason to believe that she and her driver had been killed. You can go to and read it there. But, there has been no further confirmation since that story over one month ago. Send me an e-mail from your e-mail address....
send it to:
I'd like to say something to you. Bev

smilnsigh said...

Though he's no longer with you, it sounds as if his family did well by him, when he was alive. And that he always had his perfect Birthday. He had those. And you have the memories now, of giving them to him.

Many gentle hugs,
{'Breaking Dawn' is coming in 96 days...}

smilnsigh said...

And an additional comment... on the Word Verification and etc. Yes, it's really hard to read now. But I could read the one I just had to. But the letters below, on this one, oh wow!

Anyway, I have never had the kind of SPAM, which Word Verification blocks. What I have gotten is the kind, which Word Verification does NOT block!

It is a short comment, which says nothing about the entry it's on. All it says is something like..."Look at his link." And one of the words will be a click-able link. Which takes you to a SPAM site. And if one is on a Pc, may also install things in your hard drive, which make your computer into a bot, and all sorts of weird stuff, in your computer, without you ever knowing it!

I'm on a Mac, which so far, are immune to these things. So I checked out a couple of these funny looking comments. But if I was on a Pc, which most people are, I'd have been caught.

So, when I see these bad comments, in any one's blog, I tell the person to be careful.

And since they appeared in my blogs, even WITH Word Verification turned on, I know I have to have Comment Verification, to keep them out.

Each of us does our blogging, our own way. I'm just sharing this background info, so you can be on guard for this sneaky crap.


{'Breaking Dawn' is coming in 96 days...}

smilnsigh said...

And I'm back to thank you for the comment you just left, on my latest entry on 'smilnsigh.'

I didn't know if I *should* include 'that,' in my entry. You will know what I mean by 'that.' ,-) Ya' never know how delicate some of these ladies sensibilities are. ,-)

But all is well! You got a giggle out of it! And told me so. So who cares of others don't? ,-)

And believe me, I'd set local gardening back a zillion years, if I joined in the 'fun.' lol

The fireman hu? -shakes head in agreement- Now that could be interesting. >,-))))