Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Truth in Advertising - Compare

So, the box picture looked pretty good - we'll give this one a try.

Well, guess what company is getting an email with attachments? I have never seen such blatant misrepresentation in a long while.

I'm getting ugly and proactive of late. Something like this steams me up.

I will also send a link to my blog so they know thousands have seen it there, also.


smilnsigh said...

That "white thing" is a cooked item? Yikes, it's white. Not a lovely looking golden brown, like in the box picture. Yishhhhhhhhhhhh...


JeanMac said...

Sorry, that was unbaked pizza but I was trying to show how poorly it looked product wise compared to the box. Should have taken a pic after I baked it - didn't look much better.

Trish said...

I love pizza, but THAT one is just downright scary-looking! Hope they give you your $$$ back!