Monday, May 5, 2008

Darn Pets!

Buddy will stare at the ceiling or wall - I freak our expecting a huge spider - usually nothing.

Tonight, he crouched low and stalked "something" from the dining room to the living room. Nothing.

Does your pet ever do that?

We had a German Shepherd, 5 months of age and just starting to be protective. One night, the boys (about 10 and 12) and I were alone. Kelly stood growling, facing the dining room, hackles high. I finally thought I had to confront who/whatever was there. Turns our our large diefenbakia plant had fallen over onto the floor.

Ah, well - - -


smilnsigh said...

Such a cute story about your German Shepherd. Better safe than sorry!

After recent earthquakes, I read that animals seemed to know something was coming... They feel/know/see more than we do.

The best story, linked to this, that I know of... was from one of my D-i-laws. She had to do extra work some weekends, in an empty building. Now her place of work was in a beautiful old mansion, converted to offices, right in town. So it wasn't isolated or such. But she took one of their Black Labs with her.

Her office was upstairs, way in the back. Well 'Ruby' would go upstairs with her. But she became *unhappy,* when approaching the room in the back. And my D-i-law would go in and do her work.

But 'Ruby' would lie down outside the door to the room. She would NOT enter the room.

Of course, like many old buildings in our town, it has ghost stories attached. So... Did 'Ruby' sense some presence, which humans did not? :-)))

Whatever it was about, 'Ruby' knew something, and was acting on it.

Mmmm, what a neat idea for a post! Must write it down and remember it. Thank you!


JeanMac said...

Thank you, def. post worthy!Hope you are feeling better.

Granny Annie said...

Our dog Slim is a watch dog. She watches me eat first (because I am usually the easiest touch) and when I finish she watches Ron eat, just in case he takes pity on her.

JeanMac said...

They know who may toss a crumb!