Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Product Galore

Am I the only one with 6 of each? I went thru the closet in the main bath and it's ridiculous. No more buying til I use up all this shampoo, creme rinse, etc. I have mousse and don't even use it.

Same with cleaning products. As I use them, my new rule for myself will be: 1 in use and a spare.

Dan and Neil arrive this evening for a few days so spiffied up the house - luckily company comes, gets me doing the house cleaning:)

Waiting for the plumber to install new rubber things in the toilet. I ruined ours in all 3 toilets by using bleach pucks.

*****Do not put bleach or pucks in your tank unless you want a plumbing bill about 3 months later:)

Have a sweet Monday!

1 comment:

Julie Fink said...

I'm with you about keeping just a "little bit left" of old shampoos! This morning I vowed not to buy another one until I use them all up!