Friday, June 6, 2008

Hair today - - -

So, in Sept. 04 I had my hair cut very short - we were holidaying in NS and I decided I needed a new "do".

Shortly after we got home and I'm back at work, a patient comes in with long, soft, wavy, blond hair. "I want that" I told myself so I embarked on a journey to grow my hair at least shoulder length. (and he prefers it long) It has been that several times and just 2 weeks ago, I had it cut to just touch my shoulders - about 4" taken off.

In all this time, I have never done the "soft, wavy thing!!!

Today I was in a church thrift shop and saw electric rollers for $2.00 -done.

Tomorrow I may have soft, wavy, blond hair - cause I'm planning to cut it short in September.


Jeanne said...

Thanks for your visits and sweet words.
Love Jeanne

Beverly said...

I may have asked you this before, but, are you a nurse...I am and that is one more thing we have in common...

smilnsigh said...

Yeaaaaaaa for the "soft, wavy thing"! Hope the electric rollers do it for you.

Wondering if you ever simply tried to let hair dry naturally, after shower...? No tussling it, with a towel either. Simply gently squeeze dry-ish. Then rub a tiny bit of styling gel, between your hands... "SCRUNCH" your hair, all over, with hands-and-gel. "Scrunching" it can bring out latent natural waves! Honest!

After I scrunch it, and gently tossle it a TINY bit, and it's mostly dry, I spray it some. This helps the hold, gives body, etc.

I always thought my hair was stick straight. But I've tried this gel-scrunch thing and with a little practice, it works!!! Voila! Who'd-a-thunk-it?!? :-)

Just a thought... :-)


JeanMac said...

I really enjoy your blog, Jeanne. Beverly, I'm not a nurse, a CDA.
(My Mom, sister and Bro are all nurses, though:)
Sns, thanks for the tips. I looked like an old bag with the curled hair!I have "natural wave" and it's very unruly so thought the rollers would help.Back to pulling it in a clip again.

Kim said...

I'm sure whatever style you choose will look good.