Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, Monday - - -

It's just a beautiful sunny morning here. I have a lot to do but will read the paper first on the front porch. Hope everyone has a nice day.
Update: Got all my laundry done and put away (miracles never cease), mowed 3 lawns and got fertilizer on 2 - ran out of it and energy! It's 25 here (80 degrees) so a bit warm to be working. That's def. it for today.
Well, went out and fertilizer the last lawn a bit ago and started the water. That's def. it for the second time:)


Granny Annie said...

Pop...pop...pop....I'm sorry but I have this pin and I can't resist balloons. Our day was very nice thank you:-)

JeanMac said...

I heard them!

Stephanie said...

wow what a day

Debbie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You certainly had a busy day!

JeanMac said...

Welcome back, Debbie. I always love seeing how your children are growing & what you're up to:)
We may get to meet someday as plan to fly down to visit Trish when I'm able.

smilnsigh said...

Wow, you're succeeding, if you are trying to make me feel like a slug. -giggles-

And I have to ask ~ I can see {in my Google Reader thing} a June 24th entry here... Something about 'for Louise' and 'tick warning time.' But when I click on it, I get some weird message. So obviously, you didn't really publish it. Or... Or what?

I wonder when things like this happen, with Google Reader. So, this time, I'm asking.

I think it's a draft of an entry, you've not published. But can't be sure... And always wonder if my drafts of entries, partially show toooooooo.

Please and thank you if you can shed any light on this...

'Smilnsigh' blog

JeanMac said...

Mari-Nanci, I'm sorry to have confused you-I published a cute joke from my cousin, Louise, then thought it's too silly and deleted it!