Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice and Remembering Dad

Sitting here in Dad's old rocker recliner, remembering his words as the solstice approached, "Yup, longest day coming up and then it gets shorter and shorter and before we know it, winter's here."

Interesting how dates or events conjure up memories tucked deep in our brain - happy time to reminisce. I miss him and his wit and wisdom. We could sit for hours and talk, talk, talk about nothing of importance. One time I was visiting him on my day off and looked at my watch, "I have to get home, if I speed, can get home before Wayne."

I have enjoyed reading blogs and the entries on the solstice.


Jeanne said...

God bless you my sweet friend........
Yes we all miss our loved ones in Heaven..........
Our memories become sweeter with each passing year.
Love Jeanne

smilnsigh said...

Yes, I too have these moments, forever imprinted in my memories... Moments I wonder ... why? Nothing really large or important. But ... I remember them, like yesterday. :-)

I suppose some expensive study has been done on this. Or will be. Seems we missed the conclusions though, hu? ,-)