Monday, July 21, 2008

A Date With Sleep Count*y, I Hope

So today we pushed, pulled, grunted and snorted and, and, and - - - - finally got the queen size bed from the guest room down stairs - out!!! And I mean out - it's sitting at the back door. Being it's in great shape (rarely used), I phoned people asking if anyone needed a Q bed. No one. Can you believe it? Free! The only lady who needed one had finally bought one a couple weeks ago.

Not so bad, SC donates our old bed to charity so at least it will go to someone.

Now tomorrow will be musical beds. Our present one will go down to the guest room, the new one goes in our room and they can take the old guest bed (by the back door) away. Got that? I'm going to have to bribe them as it's above and beyond their duty. Last time I gave the 2 drivers each $10 or $20 - better check my blog entry - that was for the guest room upstairs. Are you totally confused yet?

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smilnsigh said...

I'm amazed that no one wants a free Queen size bed!!!!

Careful with all that continued pushing, pulling, shoving and etc. Don't 'pull something' you don't want to!

Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces