Wednesday, July 9, 2008

From My Bro'

The evolution of robbery - -

PS Email going around - if everyone boycotted Esso and Shell, prices would plummet. We did.


Beverly said...

That very email went around here about six months ago. I have done it except for the time I was driving on fumes and all I could find was Exxon.
wish it would work

smilnsigh said...

Those emails are always going around. Best to always check all such out, at an Urban Legend site. Before believing them. And sending them on. Way too many, are HOAXES. Sorry, but tis so.....

'Miss' Mari-Nanci
{Yes, I am channeling my inner "Southern Lady Of A Certain Age"!!! Gonna' call myself "Miss Mari-Nanci" from now on. If I can't get people up here, to call me that, I shall call myself that! So there!!!} :-)
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Stephanie said...

i know how much you wont that to work but i letting you know that it will not help

Bear Naked said...

Today hubby said "oh quick let's fill up it's *ONLY* $1.34.6 per litre."

Almost made me cry.


Jeanne said...