Friday, July 4, 2008

I Miss Camping - Really!

We sold our truck and camper last summer - I knew I'd miss camping a lot.

Considered buying a tent trailer but I do worry about bears - there are a lot in the bush and actually they wander into yards, too.

If I do buy one, I guess best hang the food way over to the side!


Putz said...

my boy camps continuoly, but with his rig getting 9 miles to the gallon pulling 15 tons of living space and buggys, he can't afford to do it like you and all the rest of us, but we went to the skyline drive every summer weeken...i hope we can in the end find something like dirt to put in our engines so we can travel more

Bear Naked said...

Don't worry about bears--please!!

Gosh I love Herman, is there a special web site for the cartoons?


JeanMac said...

Ooohps, forgot - I don't think our bears are quite as lovable as yours, though.I get H from Kansas City Sat site.Happy 4th!