Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Bed

So, our new bed was delivered today. It's the exact same as the one we bought for the guest room last year (the main floor guest room:). I looove it. All our new sheets are made for deeper mattresses, love, love it.

The one young fellow who came in the truck is a patient of mine (when I worked). He didn't know my last name and when he phoned this morn, just used his first name. What a sweetheart he is. We both just stared then laughed, Nice to see him. Both guys were great. SC sure has done a good job of PR/delivery.
Kind of embarrassing, did it again. they set the mattress in place and I remembered the bed skirt! If they were annoyed, one would never know. They even helped put it on.

I'm busy washing sheets and mattress pads, etc. from the lower guest room. First time I've used my clothes line this year. I know, bad, bad.

Have a great, sunny, warm day!

(Forgot to mention, the guys dropped their manifest in our driveway with my MC slip attached showing # and expiry date. When they came back, I asked that they put my MC slip in their wallet, please! Didn't say in case you loose your papers, again!)


Granny Annie said...

Sure looks comfy.

Putz said...

your idea of a good day is getting a new bed, my idea of a good day is putting my head under a pillow like a peacock and or is it an ostrick?????