Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Potfull of Memories - - -

Bought a small jar of Nivea Creme - travel size. As I opened it last night, a cloud of memories escaped.

Years ago, about 13 years of age, my friend and I would get into her Mom's toiletries. A good sized jar of Nivea creme was always on the dresser - probably about an 8 ounce size. I remember smearing it all over our faces. We would be totally "white" - look at each other and laugh - then wipe it off with tissues. (Hope you are well, Faye.)

It was a nice thought to go to bed on -


Bear Naked said...

Why is it when we see a picture of a jar of Nivea we can actually smell the cream?


Bear((( )))

charlestonyaya said...

ooh I smelled it as I read, then remembered the big blue jar of Noxema - another smell - we would coat ourselves in Noxema after a day in the sun!! Keep remembering, love, Kathy

Granny Annie said...

"Opening a jar" and "a cloud of memories escaped". You painted quite a picture with those words.

Eve said...

I can't believe I have been missing this side of you. I forgot you had other blogs. I agree with granny annie, that is beautifully written.

I remember using this for sunburn too. They use to call me Rudolf every Summer. The sunglasses which I always wear, reflected on my nose and burned it. Now, I am smart. I wear a hat. : )

JeanMac said...

Eve, I started with Welcome blog and did the mountain one as things progressed - was going to write a booklet and thought blogging may help more people. Thanks for your support.