Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School days, School Days - - -

Yeah, kids are back in today - I think they are:)
I always loved the first day back for our sons - it was half a day and we'd go to Ear*'s restaurant for pizza to celebrate.

If we were lucky, Dad could join us.

Hope everyone had a safe and successful day - and got the teacher they wanted!

I just remember, the first day in Grade 1, I got my butt smacked with a corn broom as I leaned over to talk to my best friend. My teachers name was Mrs. Ashton and I thought she was one mean momma from that moment on.


Nancy M. said...

Back to school is always a fun; fresh start. We would go to Mc D's!
Your pics are so beautiful on the side!!

JeanMac said...

Hey, Nancy, thank you.

Bear Naked said...

What a traumatic introduction to Grade 1.
I don't think any teacher in this day and age would ever try something like that.

Bear((( )))

JeanMac said...

I think she rode in on it every day - luckily it was handy to keep chatty Jean in line - cured my talking in class!

Granny Annie said...

I talked to our granddaughter Hope last night. She was happy to tell about her first day in First grade. She did not make any new friends but told me "maybe tomorrow". She had chicken nuggets and strawberries for lunch. She did not get to show her teacher what a great reader she is. She thinks some of the other children might know how to read also. Thank God she didn't get swatted with a broom because she is the kind of kid that might retaliate.

Kim said...

Hi there, the girls are excited that schools began as am I. I was sorta nervous at first Jackie started high school and its quite the size and Amanda made safety patrol and that keep her happy.

Sorry to hear about your memory of 1st grade oouch! the only thing I really remember is pretending to get married to a cute boy on the playground. memories!!!!

JeanMac said...

Grannie, she probably warned us - it was 1950 and teachers "ruled" !

Kim. I'm so happy to hear from you - I was worried!