Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I put the computer in Sleep mode, sit here debating what I'll do next, tap my fingers in deep thought and up pops the screen. Someday, when computers can talk (and not just beep their displeasure), I will be braced for a scathing conversation.

Hope first born is not reading this - I think I give him fits with my "computer expertise". He is always very calm but I wonder about that throbbing vein on his temple - - -

Anyway, God is teasing us with wonderful sunny weather, He better not be a joker and send a load of snow "just for fun" one of these days.

I've always wanted a creche for on our front lawn - we postponed building it til the builder could no longer build. Does anyone have one?


PEA said...

It's sunny but cold here right now...only 1c as I type this. We had snow flurries when I got up this morning but thank goodness nothing that stayed on the ground.

I've never had a creche outside but I always find them so nice to have in the front yard. I noticed that a lot of people are already putting up their Christmas lights and such outside...as you say, waiting until November to do it makes it very cold work!! xoxo

JeanMac said...

Hi Pea - you get much worse weather than we do. snow flurries possible for us in Nov. but prob. not much.
That was quite the BD party you had!

Bear Naked said...

We've never had an outdoor creche but we are so excited about our new indoor creche that we purchased in Mexico this past January.
We are FINALLY replacing the creche that we bought when we first married.
Now don't you laugh, but all the figurines were purchased at KRESGE'S five and dime (remember them?)40 years ago when we were first married.
My husband made the stable from some scrap wood replacing the first stable that I made from a cardboard box.
It was all we could afford at the time and we never got around to replacing the creche until this year.
Can't wait for Christmas this year.

Bear((( )))

smilnsigh said...

-giggles- Now you know that tapping fingers will jiggle a computer just enough, to have it think you want it 'back to life.'

It's not being naughty. Really, it's just doing your bidding. Really. It's just your obedient slave. Really.


Even when it does other things like add 3 million folders, when you never wanted it to do so. Or does similar "surprising" things. ,-)

Nope, our computers are always our loyal and obedient slaves! ,-)

Maybe sometimes they just, get a wonnnnnnderful idea, on their own. And without a voice, they can't really ask us if we think it's wonnnnnderful too. So.... they have to go ahead and do it. ,-)

Because, we all know, in the end, our computers are our loyal and obedient slaves!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't we?????????????????????


Miss Mari-Nanci