Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just watched "the game" - can't say who I cheer for - don't want to upset anyone.

For various reasons, I am not able to put together a post of any quality - usually I'm so gabby I have to rein myself in. Lots going on in our world: hubby and I (ongoing, of course), friends, family.

Have to say one thing, "Do it". Whatever you want to do, whether with friends, spouse, etc. Do it.

Busy week ahead, some good busy and some not so good busy times. Looking forward to visitors again in Nov. (we loooove company). Christmas is kinda just around the corner and we intend to make it the best ever - better start cleaning again.

Anyway, if I have a flash of brilliance, I run with it but so far, nothing. Hope all is well in your world. We're hanging in.


Jesse Mendez said...

Hi I was looking through profiles on blogger and found your blog interesting.

I want to become friends and I am welcoming you to come over and visit my art blog.

take care and hope to see you soon

Granny Annie said...

To us "The Game" yesterday was Kansas University vs Oklahoma University in football. Somehow I have a feeling that's not the one you are referring to in Canada! LOL

Do you know that we do not have even one plan made for Christmas or Thanksgiving? We are those last minute people who will either have everyone here who has no place to go, or we will fit ourselves in at a family's home that has extra spaces at the table. Thankfully Ron and I both are pretty relaxed about the holidays.

smilnsigh said...

"Have to say one thing, "Do it". Whatever you want to do, whether with friends, spouse, etc. Do it."

How much more brilliance are you aiming at here, dear woman? I think that was one of the wisest things I've read all day.

Ahemmm... do you think it will fit, if I say I want to make a Manhattan? ,-) Do you think that will fit?

Guess what? I'm not gonna' wait for anyone's permission. I'm going to do what you said. DO IT! ,-)

Good luck with all that's coming this week. The good and the not so good. Actually, come to think of it, aren't all weeks like that, for all of us? :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci

Trish said...

Everything you write is brilliant!