Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Am Not Impressed - - -

First snowfall today, yard is white, cord of split wood is white and I am wondering, "How long til spring!"

They are boarding on some of our ski hills - brought back great memories. The 4 of us would ski one day every weekend. Hubby and older son were "off" skiing powder. Mom and younger son were trying to master the bar to get up the bunny hill - "Please, please, stand up. No, no, no, don't sit down." (Read:promptly sat down)

"Oh, well, we'll just take our skis off and trudge thru those bushes and sit on our bums and slide down the bunny hill. Yes, this is fun. I didn't want to ski that mean ol' medium run anyway. Really."

Oh, really, you want to try again -okkkkk - - -it is only 2:30pm, run is open til 4pm:)


Bear Naked said...

If I tell you that it was 21 degrees Celcius today here, will you hate me forever?
Gotta love Southwestern Ontario!!

Bear((( )))

JeanMac said...

Yup to both.

PEA said...

It's 11c here, we've actually been having above normal temps for this time of year. Usually by now we've had our first snowfall...I guess it found you instead! lol I've never tried downhill skiing but my boys love it. xoxo

JeanMac said...

Hi Grannie Pea!

Ruth said...

We had a snowfall in October and it was just a teaser. Hope yours is too!