Monday, December 8, 2008

I've Heard of Weak Coffee - - -

Ack! For once, I set the coffee up last night - for some reason I knew I'd need caffeine today - early! All is well, the aroma wafted into the bedroom, bright and early, as planned.

Poured my first cup - of hot "tea". Forgot to set up with new coffee grounds last night - so I filled the mug, redid the coffee pot properly, and sat down with my cup - was a good hand warmer on a chilly morn.

Happy, Monday, All.


Mevely317 said...

Good afternoon ... and thanks for the chuckle!

I've done that same thing more times than I'd like to admit!
Now I make sure every evening to leave a cup of "leftover" coffee sitting cold, near the sink ... just in case. I'm absolutely useless without a jolt of "joe" first thing out of the covers.

I hope you're sure to enjoy this new week!


Anonymous said...

Hate it when that happens...I must have my hot coffee in the morning.
I set the coffee machine up one night a couple days ago and didn't have the am/pm co-ordinated so the hot coffee I was looking foward to hadn't happened.

Corgidogmama~ said...

It's amazing how theraputic holding a hot mug can be. I love a darkened room, early morning, maybe just a candle lit, and think deep thoughts or go in coma zone while holding that warm mug in my arthritic hands. Heaven!

JeanMac said...

Hey, Welcome, Myra! what a good hint:) As always, good to hear from you, Mandy.
And, welcome back, Corgidogmama.

Thanks for checking in.

Bear Naked said...

That cat could be me on Mondays...Tuesdays.....etc.

Bear((( )))

Chatty Crone said...

I've been know to do that as well. Have you ever 'treated' yourself to a flavored coffee?

Granny Annie said...

"The best part of waking up......"

Kim said...

Glad to hear you you got your coffee, my coffee maker is on the fritz but we really don't drink it but on weekends. I'll hopefully update soon, just wanted to say Hi and tell you I'm doing alright.

Nancy M. said...

I had been thinking of you and decided to visit your blog! Looks like you have been busy with the holiday and enjoying your coffee. I love my coffee early in the am!!
Take care my friend and have a blessed holiday!!