Sunday, January 18, 2009

Irons and Exercise Mats

The use of either is rather foreign in my domain - the cat totally freaks when I set the ironing board up (due to the noise) although Wayne thinks it's because I use it so seldom it scares Buddy.

Anyway, last night I decided floor exercises were a good idea. I began my work out feeling someone or something was "looking at me" - I glanced around and saw Buddy staring at me. Our floors are dark walnut and he's black so tough to see him.

Anyway, next thing I see, cat is on his back, chin up and hind legs stretched out as long as he could stretch them. Too funny - if only I had the camera.

Still don't know if he were in shock from my exercising or just joining in.

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Nancy M. said...

Good for you with your trying to exercise! You are so funny. I used to have a cat who ran under the beds anytime the mixer went on.....
Thank you for sharing your day to day