Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kelly, Our Shepherd #3

He built a door on my garden shop - a frame fitted with chicken wire. It was made to sit equidistant from the top and bottom of frame. I requested this so air would flow freely and also to look "softer".

We came home to the very distinct odor of fish and our noses led us from the garage to the back yard to the garden shop to Kelly - lapping up the last of a full 1 gallon jug of fish fertilizer. (She had "reached" under the lower part of the door and dragged the jug out.)

I panicked and phoned the vet expecting to be told to rush her to him - he laughed, "Uh, just be sure she sleeps outside tonight."

Anyway, I arose in the morning expecting to see an interesting yard - nothing - she didn't ever even have diarrhea. He couldn't believe it. But stink! Our yard was terrible for a few days. And Kelly's breath!

Bless her dear heart - she had guts of steel, I guess.

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