Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Humble Little Car is Back - - -

So a very lovely lady rear ended us in December. She was nice, I didn't get all upset - it was kind of a social thing as we traded insurance info. I held back a chuckle when she said she usually doesn't hit car, just curbs - ???

Anyway, there was a bit of damage to the bumper of our elite Hond* Civi* so it was repaired yesterday. They handed me the keys to a full size (monster) in a beautiful charcoal, steely gray. I felt like a was driving a ghost car of the local RCM* - but I digress. (Although, wish I had ticketing authority - man, people blow stop signs and speed and whatever)

One doesn't realize how you take Ol' Faithful for granted - jump in and hit my arm on a very large, awkward storage thing between the seats. Then the lights are wacko compared to my Hond*, can't find the thingy to unlock the gas only to discover it doesn't have a locking door - I could go on and on. But it was pretty and I pretended to be a plains clothes officer and scowled my best scowls at poor drivers:)

They called us today to get our "baby" back - I jumped into our car, was appreciative all the way home - could find the lights, wipe switches and I could run them.

Obviously our life is very dull when a courtesy car is my blog post:)


Granny Annie said...

It is a miracle they let people leave the lot with a rental car. I am usually half way down the road before I realize I can't find anything i.e. windshield wiper knob, and there is a torential rain storm. Anyway, we know how you feel. I've featured this post on my ILYB link.

Mevely317 said...

Wow ... this sure struck a chord!
When my VW Jetta was totalled a couple of years ago, I let myself be "talked into" a Camry ... which in of itself isn't huge, but it took a good 6 months to get over the feeling I wasn't driving a TANK!

Love the humor you discover in every situation!

Mevely317 said...

Oops, almost forgot!
'Wanted to express appreciation for what you wrote on "Changes" post re. Laura Bush. I will miss her presence.

Marla said...

Granny Annie sent me to visit you. I really hate loaner vehicles. I commute out of town to work and I stress about driving a car that I am unfamiliar with. My car was in for repair once and I drove the loaner and by the time I got to work it was having the same issues that my car that they were repairing was having. I called them and they said you should be ok to make it home. Well that was comforitng---not!!!