Thursday, February 26, 2009

I looked out the window hoping it were gone - 6" of new snow - aaack! I hate shoveling. Actually, don't mind the work, it's the boredom.

Our drive is 3 cars wide and 3 or 4 deep so using a shovel 18" wide - sob! Anyway, I usually plan my grocery list, a menu or my next weight loss regimen.

Luckily, neighbors stop by to chat as I slave away (bring your shovel next time:) - so, I lean on my shovel, visit and don't get work done.

The neighborhood dog streaks by with a grin on his face, "If she's so lazy, I'll pee on her light pole." And he does - with impunity.

Life is hard - sigh - - - - -


Kim said...

Wow!! that's a big driveway, My back hurts just thinking about all that shoveling.The fun part would be visiting w/ the neighbors, though I hardly speak to any of mine. I too sure hope warmer weather comes soon. Take Care and stay save.

JeanMac said...

Hi Kim! Hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by.

Jeanne said...

Blessings my lovely friend.
I will be so glad when winter is over.
Love Jeanne