Friday, May 1, 2009


So, just reading about the lady who had $800,000. tucked away in a bank safety deposit box.

The bank calls the home and "releases" this information to her husband. Now, she is suing the bank.

Good grief, I hope so. (There are a lot of issues in this case re: their marriage, her secrecy, etc.)

What I find ironic is the bank's employee even dealing with the issue by phone and also, his releasing it like, "Oh, by the way, your wife has a dental appt. Monday at 2:30 pm"

Yesterday, I called our gas company to change the name on the account to my name. "Do you have Power of Attorney?" I do.

"Ok, send it to us and we'll change the name."

"I can't risk mailing the original."

After much discussion, they agreed to a photocopy. I understand they need proof but think of the difference on the handling of these two situations. BTW, they have no local office and I'm paying a bill and have been their customer since January 1974 - but, I also understand their need to protect Wayne who set the account up.


Mevely317 said...

Years back, a major credit card company ~ not to name names, but their initials are A.E.! ~ furnished copies of my monthly statements to my estranged husband with no argument ...even tho' his name was NO-where on the account!

Nowdays, I probably keep our bankers totally confused ... still have a couple of major obligations dating back before I was married; so I've been signing my (prior) surname to those for the last 4 years, and the bank keeps honoring 'em. One of these days I'll have to get honest and produce the paperwork!

Tho' their intent is good, I'm sorry you're having to jump through these hoops. 'Hope tomorrow shines bright over you both.

Kim said...

I won't argue there! We do at times seem to live in a twisted world!! and I don't blame that lady one bit for suing the bank!

as for transferring your name to Waynes' account/s, I wish you all the best, I know they have to be sure, but come on, when you are a long time loyal customer, they need not to be so judgemental.