Sunday, July 5, 2009

Medicine Chest and Vanity

Why do I collect so many toiletry items! Spent an hour going thru products, tossing many.

I vow to not buy anything until this stuff is used.

Of course, I couldn't toss the pretty (empty) perfume bottles - maybe someday. They hold special memories for me.

After I get my "computer fix" time, I'll start on the towel closet in the bathroom. Again, too many towels. Probably I use about the same 10 towels over and over.

I think over the years, it became an obsession to "save" everything for a rainy day. I am 64 this year so didn't live thru the Great Depression but my mentality stores it's stories.


Mevely317 said...

G'evening Jean!

I found myself nodding along as I read. Isn't it curious, how some inanimate objects can hold Very Real emotional attachments? Oh, don't get me started!

Hope you, "Joe Cool" n' Buddy are enjoying a great week!


JeanMac said...

Well, you had me laughing - I thought you were nodding off due to my boring subject:)

Joe Cool, Buddy and I are Ok.

Thanks for your support.